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Membership is biblically important and therefore very important to us. Both Jesus Christ and Paul pointed us toward membership for our encouragement, our protection, and our instruction. We seek to carry out this vision through our membership process by which to join CCCF.

Membership Class 

All prospective members must attend our Intro to CCCF class. The class covers:

  • Why Christ Community Church in Frisco? -What is Christ Community’s vision and strategies for ministry in Frisco and beyond?
  • The Gospel-Driven Person - Does being a Christian really make a difference in the way I live? Is the Gospel for Christians, too?
  • Theological Distinctives Part 1 - What is the Reformed theology?
  • Theological Distinctives Part 2 - Two Hot Potatoes: The Bible and Babies!
  • Membership at Christ Community Church in Frisco - Who is the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)?  What does membership mean? What are the benefits and responsibilities?
  • Our Church Community - What are the opportunities for spiritual growth and how can I get plugged in? How can I contribute?

The class is typically offered in a Friday night/Saturday morning format periodically through the year. Upon completion, those who attended the Intro class are able but not obligated to sign up for a membership interview, the second step of the membership process.

Membership Interview

The prospective member meets with the elders or a commission of the elders to give a testimony in brief form of:

  • What you believe about Christ.
  • The basis for your hope of acceptance by God.
  • How you came to Christ Community Church in Frisco.
  • Answer the five PCA membership vows in the affirmative before the elders.

Congregational Introduction

Stand before the congregation on a particular Sunday morning to be introduced and answer the five PCA membership vows in the affirmative as a demonstration of your professed faith before the people of God. (If you have never been baptized, you must be baptized at this time.)