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What is a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are for the purpose of . . . connecting. Connect Groups are small fellowships of eight to twelve people meeting in homes in various geographical areas communityCCCF1of our membership. They are the first place we hope to which our people turn for applying the gospel to their lives. They are also at the heart of what we call building community, which is simply another word for the joys of sharing life together in pursuit of Jesus.

What happens in a Connect Group?

Each group expects to experience Jesus Christ in its midst, in His presence and in His power, enabling lives to be transformed through mutual ministry. They are more than just Bible, book or topic studies. We recognize that maturing in the Christian life is more than informational; it is transformation through relationships. So, while being Word centric is important, the following are also high priorities: prayer, fellowship, sharing of what God is doing in our lives, reaching out to others and accountability. So, in a Connect Group you will find:

A place to apply God's Word and his grace to our lives: Learning the fullness of God’s grace purchased for us through Christ is bedrock truth for transforming us as His disciples.

A place for caring for each other: We are told in Scripture to: "encourage, serve, rejoice, weep with, correct, instruct, sing to, build up, accept and love one another." These commands are best lived out in the personal relationship of a fellowship group.

A place where gifts are exercised: Community Groups are a place where spiritual gifts can be discovered and developed. Group members are encouraged not merely to "receive," but rather to invest themselves in relationships with group members, supporting each other in Christ.

A place for reaching out: Far from being closed communities, these fellowship groups are designed to welcome new people. We welcome new people who want to investigate the Christian faith or simply investigate Christ Community.

Which group is right for you? What factors should you consider?

  • Focus—will the focus be a Bible/book study, sermon discussion or perhaps have a more social focus?
  • People—return to people you know well, or develop new relationships?
  • Leader—by whom do you feel you can best be shepherded?
  • Location—will you be more committed if meetings are close to where you live?
Link to: Connect Group Locations and Information