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Please join us Sundays at 10:30 a.m. 

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As we have many different lifestyles, we want to provide you with many ways for you to make your offering gifts to the church!  

US Mail USMail

Please use the church P.O. Box when mailing offering gifts to the church.
Our street address can accept mail, but it is not as secure.

Christ Community Church in Frisco
P.O. Box 5907
Frisco, TX  75035


Set up Christ Community Church in Frisco as a payee on your bank’s online banking portal or application


Most banks offer a payment service using an online banking process.  Use the church’s post office box (see above) when adding the church as a payee.  Check with your bank to see if there is any charge for this service.  Most often it is free.

When authorizing payments to the church for offerings, you can give special instructions to indicate if the offering is for a specific purpose (i.e, Deacon Fund, Capital Campaign, etc).    


Zelle Transfer

Zelle is a fast and easy way to send money in minutes to family, friends, and others you trust. Most banks provide Zelle through their Online Banking portal or application. This is a free service. If you are not already familiar with Zelle, you can read about it at Zellepay.com            


Once enrolled through your bank or directly through Zelle, all you need is the designated church email to send your offerings. We have created a new email account:  Offerings@CCCFrisco.org and registered it with Zelle. Offerings you send are immediately credited to the church’s bank account. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you may want to consider sending a small amount of $10 to confirm that it properly works for you.    

When sending your offering, you can add a message if the offering is for a specific purpose (i.e, Deacon Fund, Capital Campaign, etc).    

Your bank may impose daily limits on the amount of Zelle transfers. Contact your bank or review your bank’s website to understand the amount of the limits. If your offering exceeds this amount, you may want to consider mailing a check or spreading your offerings over several days.


Thank you and may you find during this time your heart drawn more and more in worship to our LORD and find Him of the greatest value!