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Christ Community Church in Frisco is a Church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We encourage you to browse our website to see what we are about, what we hope to be, and how we hope to get there.

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Not Earthly Manna, But Heaven's Store

October 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

Not Earthly Manna, But Heaven's Store

Jesus Bread of Life

Bread of life lines the desert floor

Not earthly manna, but heaven’s store.

Yet as I gather God’s provision

My heart is met with strong division.


How could a God of love send bread,

When what I want is meat instead?

A slice of steak or chocolate cake,

That’s what I want my God to make!


Comfort foods I know too well,

For comfort is what I want God to sell.

Not this bread on the desert floor.

I want earthly manna, not heaven’s store.


Yet God gave us bread that endures.

In the Son of Man our hope secures.

Bread that can bring life to all,

Not limited to a race or a people small.


Bread that is broken in our wilderness.

In times of trial, in pain, in sickness.

Christ broke bread for us to see

That he was broken for you and me.


Bread of life dies on Calvary’s door

Not earthly manna, but heaven’s store.

- AJ

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